cycleCycling is one of the most demanding of sports to time given the speed and volume of riders in a bunch sprint. It is also a sport that is growing in popularity and varied in type from road racing to mountain biking and down-hilling. The ChipIt Race Timing Systems has the perfect solution for you.

Many large cycling events have been timed using the ChipIt HDD System with the transponder being worn either on the ankle or using a special bike frame clip. The HDD mats are very thin and present no discernable bump when ridden over at high speed. A main and backup line is used to capture 99.9% of riders at any speed and mats can be customised to extend as much as 12m across the road using two HDD systems. By far the biggest timed bike race using our HDD equipment is the Cape Argus Cycle Tour in South Africa that boast a field of over 40,000 road cyclists.